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Soclaris Contracting, a California Corporation, is a licensed General Engineering Contractor with a Hazardous Substance Removal certificate. The company, which was formed in 2001, offers environmental, construction and marine services to the public and private sectors. We also specialize in emergency response cleanups on land and water as well as performing fuel system inspections, consultations, installations and repairs from boat owners, land & pier facilities to larger coorporate and government fuel farms. A family owned corporation, Soclaris Contracting is committed in providing quality work at a competitive price.  Over the years, we have been invovlved in projects all over Southern California. Sonny Rosenal, President of the Soclaris Contracting, brings more than 20 years of experience to the company. As a California " A " General Engineering contractor, license # 793838, we are fully insured and bonded. We carry 2 million dollar aggregate General Liability insurance, Polution Liability and Professional Liability insurance at 1 million dollars along with Workers Compensation and Commerical Auto Insurance for your protection. Soclaris Contracting strives to stay atop all current regulations and all employess working in the field are 40 hour OSHA trained. When it comes to getting the job done right and on time, look no further...we're here to help. Our motto is "We got you covered in all directions".


Environmental Services include UST (underground storage tank) and AST (aboveground storage tank) removal, installation, repairs, upgrades and testing. ICC certified for California UST Installation and Retrofitting, California UST Service Technician and California UST Designated Operator. We also offer monthly designated operator inspection service for various facilities as required by the State of California. Not only do we specialize in the tanks themselves,  but we also perform hazardous waste cleanup from leaking underground tanks.  We have been involved in numerous remediation projects from excavaton of petroleum and lead contaminated soils to the installation of vapor extraction wells. We offer transportation and disposal services for RCRA, Non-RCRA and Non Hazardous waste streams. We are providing Drum pickups on an ongoing basis and can arrange bin and vacuum service as well. We work closley with numerous consulting firms in Southern California in both the environmental and geotechnical field. We also perform work on the construction side such as small demolition, excavation and trenching. We also perform marine services including fuel system inspection, management, cleanups and repairs from boat owners to fuel systems on piers.

ADDRESS: 7437 Lowell Ct.
                      La Mesa, CA. 91940

phone: 619-465-3438
fax:       619-374-7138
24hr:    619-549-3438

email: info@soclariscontracting.com